Friday, March 30, 2012

Bittersweet: The Diary of Brandy Morgan

Being an African American senior in high school and a victim of racism for most of her life, Brandy turns to her beloved journal to express her thoughts.
When Brandy develops a crush on Ian, the most attractive boy in school, she decides to befriend him. She then realizes that being friends with Ian isn’t as easy as it once seemed. In Ian’s eyes, being privileged is being well known, handsome, and white, all of which he is. He fears that being friends with Brandy will destroy his reputation. A math quiz starts the beginning of a series of tutoring sessions that brings the two together, but it also starts a series of assaults on Brandy and Ian that are fueled by hate. Brandy’s left to wonder if her written thoughts can help heal her pain, and if fate would allow two teens to fall in love against the odds.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kiss and a Handshake (Happy Holiday Shorts)

Alex shows up to a Happy Holiday festival with an invitation in hand from his friend Zak. Too bad Zak is too busy flirting with his female coworker instead of spending the night in Alex's bed. Looking for some real fun, Alex sneaks away to an underground party along with several Stephens and Steven's employees. Once there, he indulges in a sexy game; spend the night with the stranger you lock lips with once the lights go out.

The first hard, rippling body Alex bumps into possesses the first pair of lips he attaches to. To his delight, Tristan is a great kisser. To his dismay, the virgin is not so skilled at heating things up.

Most of the night, Alex tries desperately to stop thinking of what could be with Zak and tries to enjoy the hard body in his arms. Can he succeed this Christmas Eve?

Includes a cameo from Kyla and Mike (Three-way Kisses) and Jasmine (All About a Kiss) from the other two Happy Holiday shorts.

Available at for only $0.99

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Three's a Crowd: Revised and Extended Edition

Marcus Landon and Brian Renner are college students and are in love. Marc's an insecure and anxious cutie. Brian's a beautiful, blond sex god who has no one on his mind but his lover, Marc, until the girls get tangled up in their lives.Janice White has a huge crush on Marc which ultimately leads them to explore the ménage a trois. The last thing Janice envisions happens; she falls in love with both Marc and Brian. After her roommate, Lorraine "Lily" Cunnings, gets rejected by Brian and finds out about his budding threesome, she's determined to get even by any means necessary.Follow the fascinating and sexual events on a rollercoaster of ups and downs that affects the lives of these love crazed college students. Improved and extended to nearly two hundred pages of pure excitement you're sure to be thrilled!

Available at for $14.95

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Perfect Plan by Leslie Lee Sanders FREE!

Perfect Plan
A short erotic read of revenge by Leslie Lee Sanders that gives new meaning to the word “payback.” Not a romance!

Mimi Conley’s husband is cheating on her with a woman he works with in order to get back at her for costing him a huge promotion. To get even with her husband, Mimi concocts a plan to seduce Kevin Baxter; a young, sexy coworker that she soon discovers knows how to please.

Mimi has the greatest sex she’s ever had and considers seeing him again after her plan of crushing her husband with the details of her naughty tryst goes through. However, to her surprise, she gets a rude awakening when she finds out Kevin has a perfect plan of his own.

Available at Barnes and Noble: FREE!

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Threesome – When One Lover Is Not Enough

Threesome – When One Lover Is Not Enough is a collection of twenty varied stories with ménage themes. All combinations of couplings are explored allowing the reader to indulge in a fictional feast of ménage naughtiness.

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Impersonating Sam (Seven Sins Series)

Sunni Mitchell is angry and rightfully so. Her boyfriend abruptly decided to leave her… for another man. While trying to overcome her pain and anger, she struggles to understand her best friend Joseph’s sexual relationship with his lover Ben.

Knowing her romantic feelings for Joseph, he and Ben suggest they all share a passionate night of lovemaking to help heal Sunni’s broken heart. She is hesitant for many reasons but thoughts of being enveloped in Joseph’s arms mercilessly nags at her.

Then she stumbles upon Joseph’s erotic novel and it helps her realize the opportunity she could miss. With help from the novel’s sexy vixen Samantha aka “Sam,” Sunni soon realizes that being someone else might give her the emotional strength she’s been lacking. By taking on another’s persona, could she finally get over her losses, diminish her anger and have her very own happily ever after in love?

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

All About a Kiss (Happy Holiday Shorts)

Jasmine's been working for the law firm of Stephens and Steven's for a little over eight months and tonight she can't wait to attend the Happy Holiday festival the office has been raving about. To her disappointment, the party is a dud. To her surprise, she overhears a group of people planning to crash an underground party where the lights are shut off and the people must walk the darkened room until they bump into a stranger worth kissing. This is definitely Jasmine's idea of fun, especially the part where once you kiss your anonymous stranger you must spend the rest of the night with that person.

Jasmine's a little surprised when the lights come on and the person she's making out with happens to be--the opposite of what she usually dates--an attractive white boy who calls himself The Wrangler. In just a matter of minutes she learns exactly why he prefers that nickname.

Can she summon the courage to let a gorgeous stranger show her the meaning of pure pleasure on this Christmas Eve?

Includes a cameo from Kyla and Mike (Three-way Kisses) and Alex (Kiss and a Handshake) from the other two Happy Holiday shorts.

Available at for $0.99

TGIF: Our Little Secret

A short erotic read of pure lust by Leslie Lee Sanders.

Every Friday night Patricia Schmitt goes on the hunt for the perfect, sexy stranger to bring home and act as voyeur to her and Jonathan’s love making sessions. However, tonight is a special Friday and more than a night of observing is in the cards for Patricia, Jonathan and Trent.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Inside the Mind of a Self-Doubting Writer

  1. Wow. What a great idea! I can't wait to start on this story. But, wait. How can I make it original without making it suck?
  2. I know! I'll write a cast of diverse characters, no cookie cutter stereotypes. Plus, my voice and style of writing would lend to the story's uniqueness.
  3. Wow, I impressed myself. Gotta tell my honey how many words I wrote today and update my Twitter and Facebook pages with the news.
  4. Gosh, I'm tearing through this story. I've written so many chapters and even added a few good twists. This is gonna be brilliant! Progress is going great! I can't wait to share this story with the world. People are gonna love this.
  5. But what if they don't? What if they don't like the direction I took the main character? Gosh, maybe I should go back and further clarify why the character made that decision.
  6. While I'm rewriting the scene where the main character makes an important decision, I might as well reread the entire thing to make sure the story's unfolding the way I envisioned.
  7. Okay, now I'll continue writing where I left off … but later this evening, after I make dinner and put the kids to sleep.
  8. The kids are fed, full and asleep but I woke up pretty early today. I'll go to sleep now so I can get up early and write more of the story tomorrow before work.
  9. I got about an hour before I get the kids off to school this morning. Might as well check my emails and see what I missed on Facebook and Twitter before I start on the story.
  10. Darn! Where did the time go? I'll finish writing the chapter of my story by tonight, no excuses.
  11. Well, now it's a little late but I have the time to look over the last few chapters I wrote to remember where I left off.
  12. Ugh! I wrote that?! I must've been tired or something. This is not going the way I thought it would. It's nothing but chapters and chapters of crap. No one's gonna want to read this mess! Why am I wasting my time? The characters are obviously stereotypes and my voice and style seem too sophomoric.
  13. Ooh. I got another cool idea. But this idea will be great as a different book with different characters.
  14. Now how can I put my twist on it and make it truly my own? Well, before I get into this new story maybe I should finish writing the other story first.
  15. *opens story and stare blankly at the screen*
  16. I'll start the new story now and work on the other story tomorrow. *closes story and opens blank document*
  17. But what if no one likes the premise of the new story? The characters seem kind of blah, the setting is overused … this will never work.
  18. Oh, wait! Honey read over the few chapters of my other story and liked it. Maybe I should put all my attention into that story again. But Honey isn't familiar with book publishing or the market. What if Honey was just being nice and the story really sucks?
  19. I'll have one of my author friends look over it and give me their feedback. They understand the book world and will be honest with me.
  20. They liked it and even gave me some useful feedback on how to make it even better. I can't wait to start working on this story again. This is brilliant! People are gonna love it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Favour (Threesomes)

A collection of five mixed erotic stories with a central themes of threesomes.

The Favour by Leslie Lee Sanders

Jenna Madison is determined to keep her marriage full of spice. Convinced her husband is unhappy with their sex life, she searches for her husband’s high school buddy with hopes of restoring a little more than their friendship. Maybe the amazing Brandon Stone would do her a favour and provide the couple with the perfect amount of spice needed to save their marriage.

Buy it at for $3.99

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Seeking Amy (Seven Sins Series)

Amy Cole is materialistic, egotistical and awfully sexy. These are traits that will soon get her in trouble especially when Kato Hayashi, her neighbor, tries convincing her that he can make her happy as her lover. After repeated trial and error, he surprises her with a custom gift and suddenly she can’t refuse the gift or him.

And when her secret lover Bryson, Kato’s best friend, visits her she finds she’s demanding gifts from him. Disappointed, she asks him to leave only to later realize that the boys have a secret of their own.

She’s left questioning her true motives as feelings for the boys start to emerge, leaving her confused but titillated. She’s an exhibitionist with an obsession for material things, and two gorgeous men want her to be their lover. Can she redeem herself by erasing her greedy side? Can making them one happy trio be enough to satisfy them all?

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Your E-Publisher May be in Trouble: Red Flags

Hindsight is twenty-twenty, right? Here is a list of some of the red flags to look for in your book publisher. Maybe this can help you prepare for their unfortunate closure, keep you from signing over the rights of future books, or warn fellow authors about said publisher.

These are just some of the red flags I myself ignored when a previous publisher I was contracted with went under. Just because your publisher is experiencing one, some or all of the red flags on my list doesn't necessarily mean they are doomed, although all reputable and professional book publishers should be up to par in regards to their business and not slack on these important issues.

Warning signs:

Lack of communication:

Your emails are starting to go unanswered or there's always an unreasonable delay in replies. Sometimes it's a week before someone gets back to you. Sometimes you never receive a reply.

Lack of professionalism:

A member of the publisher's staff writes an article on the publisher's blog about his or her distaste of multicultural books with paranormal themes. Or your publisher shares unwanted personal information such as having to fire a staff member and even shares the details in a mass email to all the authors.

Staff is changing frequently:

They're going through editors, cover artists, and other staff quickly. Every other week or month there's a rotation, someone leaves and someone new is taking that person's place. They rotate so fast and frequently you barely remember your last two editors' names.

Inaccurate or late payments:

That Paypal payment you were expecting from your publisher on the fifteenth showed up a couple weeks late. And didn't your statement say you made ninety sales? You're pretty sure a twelve dollar payment is a mistake.

No website or blog updates:

The same blog post is still at the top of the page every time you visit the publisher's blog. You've been looking at the same post for the past month.

Poor manuscript editing:

While reading other books from this publisher you notice a handful of spelling and grammar mistakes that should have been caught before publication. Come to think of it, you only had one round of edits from your editor too. You looked over your own manuscript more times, and although you have a good eye you still found a misplaced comma here or there.

No sales details:

Sure, you get a sales record but it's only a Word document containing a list of your books, the amount sold for the month and the amount of money owed. You don't know when the books were sold, from what retailer, or the publisher's cut. When you inquire about lack of detail, you're told the next statement will be more detailed.

Delve in shady practices:

You heard other authors discussing your publisher paying for five star reviews? Or part of your contract was to have at least five of your family members leave reviews of your book on the publisher's website? Other practices like these that are frowned upon and dishonest spells doom for that publisher.

Keep an eye out for red flags, listen to your instinct and act before it's too late to avoid being deceived. Are there any other red flags you might add to my list?

Benefits of Sharing

Cara is unenthusiastic about her upcoming thirtieth birthday. Maybe her husband's eighteen-year-old coworker Isaac could add some excitement.

Cara Matthews is about to turn thirty, and for her, it’s the death of her youth and the beginning of the dull years. Her husband, James, is aware of her sudden grief and surprises her with something that should take her mind off of aging: young Isaac.

Maybe Isaac can help Cara create her very own wild and crazy experience to share—in more ways than one—and help her transition smoothly from her twenties to her thirties.

Cara is all too eager to finally experience the excitement she's been desperately craving, but she's also a little skeptical. Exactly who is Isaac, and why is he so eager to please?

Available at for $1.99

Friday, March 16, 2012

Three-way Kisses (Happy Holiday Shorts)

Kyla and Mike have been anticipating the annual Happy Holiday festival that Stephens & Steven's, the law firm, throws for their employees. But this year the festival seems to be lacking its usual vigor. Bored and in search of some holiday fun, the couple learns of an underground party where the lights are turned off and suddenly it's game on. The game? Blindly roam the dark room, the first person you kiss, or who kisses you, is the person you must spend the rest of the night with in naughty bliss.

A kiss from steamy hunk Bret turns out to be the type of holiday fun Kyla was hoping for, especially when her boyfriend, Mike, ends up lip locked with him too.

But how can Kyla convince Mike to let go of his inhibitions and indulge in a little three-way fun on this Christmas Eve?

Buy it for $0.99 at

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Questions I've Been Asked Pertaining to Writing & the Candid Answers: Part 2

I've been asked a variety of questions over the years. Some questions been asked multiple times, some are a little odd, some are simple and only people not involved in the publishing business would seek the answer.  So below are some of those questions with simple, detailed and honest answers. You can find part 1 here.

Where does your cover art come from?

Simple answer: Skilled cover artists using royalty free stock photos edit the photos to make tantalizing book covers.

Detailed answer: The publishing house usually has cover artists on board to craft their covers for them. If I'm indie publishing a title, I'll "hire" a cover artist to design cover art for me. Each artist uses their own graphic editing software (like Photoshop or Gimp) and royalty free stock images to create sexy cover art. They usually work closely with you to try to design the cover as near to your vision as possible.

How do you get paid and how much?

Simple answer: See below

Detailed answer: I get paid royalties either quarterly or monthly by the publisher of the book, and it's usually a small percentage of the cover price. I'm paid out either by check, direct deposit into my bank account or through Paypal. For paperback titles, I receive 20 percent of the cover price for each book sold. For the same titles published through Kindle Direct Publishing *I receive 70 percent of the cover price of each book sold.

*The cover price of e-books is always cheaper than the paperback copies, as it should be (IMO). Every publisher offers different amounts of royalty percentages. There's no standard.

Do you just call your publisher when you want them to publish your book?

Simple answer: No.

Detailed answer: With the success of digital books and electronic publishers, e-mail is the better, quicker and preferred choice of correspondence between author and publisher nowadays. Also, being published with a particular publisher doesn't exclude you from having to submit to them. In my experience, you may be assigned an editor but just because you're an in-house author doesn't mean they'll publish whatever you got. You still have to write and format your work to the publisher's guidelines and they can ask for revisions before offering another contract. The good thing about being an in-house author is that usually you don't have to query, you submit your work to your very own editor and it's likely they'll accept subsequent manuscripts from you since they're familiar with your writing and professionalism.

Do you have an editor?

I believe this question was referring to a copy editor instead of a submissions editor at a publishing house.

Simple answer: When my book is published through a publishing house such as Breathless Press, that publisher assigns me an editor. Otherwise, If self-publishing, I have to pay for an editor myself which could be very expensive.

Detailed answer: At the start of my career I thought I knew it all (a common amateur belief). Now, I understand the value of a good editor. Editors are great to not only find typos or grammar mistakes I've overlooked, but to help make my work as polished as possible. Editors are great for helping eliminate redundancies, craft believable dialogue and characters and find other ways to make my manuscript crisp, polished and ready for the market. If I'm publishing an indie title and don't have the privilege of working with an editor from a publishing house, I now consider paying for one.

Are there questions you have that are not listed and you want the candid answers to?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tongue Tied by Leslie Lee Sanders (Explicit) Excerpt

Tongue Tied -excerpt-
M/M, MMF, Interracial, Erotica
by Leslie Lee Sanders
Available Spring 2012!

Buy Links: ARe | Kindle | Nook

After a sensual night of "double dating" with his friend Dorian, Ryan's interest in sharing beautiful women suddenly dwindles when he develops an urge to share a sexual romp with Dorian and his tongue instead.


"Man, Katelyn was so sexy last night. When I was inside her, I came almost instantly." Dorian's chuckle was short. "I felt bad that I didn't make her come before I did."

"It happens to the best of us."

"Never happened before." Dorian poked Ryan's chest, grinning. "We usually make the ladies come at least twice before we do. I like them to leave completely satisfied."

"Yeah, she really had me going." Ryan poured another shot. "That body. That ass!"

"Right." Dorian's eye cut to Ryan's crotch again. "You were definitely into it." The grin on Dorian's face made Ryan wonder. Could he tell that Ryan was hard ... for him? "Are you gonna offer me a shot or what?" Dorian hopped down from where he sat on the counter. "Sure looks good."

The flirtatious way those last words slipped from Dorian's lips made Ryan look up just in time to witness Dorian slowly slide his tongue from one corner of his mouth to the other. Ryan gulped, swallowing hard enough for anyone standing as close as Dorian was to hear it. "Yeah, sure." He cleared his throat. "You want lime with that?" he asked as he offered the glass.

“Yep. No salt though." Dorian picked up the wedge of lime from the counter and took the shot glass from Ryan. "Here we go," he said playfully and winked. He drank the warm liquor and quickly followed it with a bite into the flesh of the lime. He swallowed then laughed as a mixture of lime juice and tequila dripped down his smooth-looking, shaven chin.

How weird would it be to pull Dorian against him and lick the stray juice from his skin? How would Dorian react to that kind of blatant gesture? The way Dorian had looked at his crotch a beat too long, followed it with a "Sure looks good," and a lick of his lips gave Ryan confidence. Suddenly licking the stray juice from his friend's lips and chin might not be so weird after all.

“What?" Dorian asked through his laughter while he wiped the stray juice with the back of his hand. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

“Like what?" Ryan looked away sheepishly. Any confidence vanished. He quickly glanced at his friend's full lips just to look away again. Damn, now he was acting prude.

“What’s wrong?" Dorian placed a hand gingerly on Ryan’s shoulder, concern riding on his words. "You're acting . . . different."

Did Dorian not know what he'd just done to him? He turned Ryan into a horny but shy school girl with a lick of his lips. “Nothing’s wrong." Ryan placed the liquor bottle back on the counter. "Just been thinking . . ." Maybe he shouldn’t mention last night.

“What about?"

Their eyes met each other's. "Nothing." Ryan shook his head. "It's nothing."

“Oh, come on." Dorian grinned and hoisted himself back up on the counter and sat directly in front of Ryan. "Suddenly something has you acting all shy and stuff. Spill it already.  Is it Katelyn? God, she was hot. I hope you're not getting tired of our double dates. That it?"

How could he be tired of pleasuring sexy women and fulfilling their fantasies with his best friend? The women got double the fun but he and Dorian got something out of it too, pleasure, closeness, and some fun, satisfying, much needed release. What a question. He and Dorian have been double dating since freshmen year in college with no issue, no jealousy and no complaints. Unless Ryan counted not being able to pleasure his friend the way he pleasured so many women.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Paypal Prohibits "Obscene" Content

No, I don't write erotica with themes of incest, pseudo-incest, rape for titillation, underage sex or bestiality. However, even though erotic fiction with those themes does not appeal to me, there is a market for it. A huge market for it. And just like other readers, if the content of the story does not amuse me, I don't read it. Simple as that.

But now, PayPal is cracking down on publishers and websites that publishes and sales said books. Paypal warns if publisher continue to sale those books with "obscene content," Paypal will deactivate publisher's account. You may wonder why a company would threaten to deactivate so many publisher accounts like Smashwords.

"Paypal doesn’t want to have to pay Visa and MC for carrying “high risk” accounts on their books." Erotica writer Selena Kitt writes on her blog. And what's considered high risk for Paypal? Erotic books that contain the themes listed above. "Sites that carry high-risk material have to pay the high-risk costs of doing business. If you’re going through Paypal, you don’t have to pay that. Until Paypal catches you. And then they insist you take down your high-risk content or lose your account."

So it's the major credit card companies behind it all.

As a writer of erotica and erotic romance what I take form this is the major credit card companies saying… "We're not supporting your icky imagination and if you force me to associate my name with your obscene fiction, then we can't be friends anymore." … That's how I read it If it's really about the money or not.

No matter my personal views on erotic books with those "questionable" themes (incest, pseudo-incest, rape for titillation, underage sex or bestiality), they're still legal to write about. I am not a person to condone the suppression of published material. We're adults. We should be able to write, read, and buy the kind of fiction we desire without someone or some group making it difficult due to their tastes.

Mark Coker, founder and CEO of Smashwords, had this to say about Paypal's crackdown. "PayPal is asking us to censor legal fiction. Regardless of how one views topics of rape, bestiality and incest, these topics are pervasive in mainstream fiction. We believe this crackdown is really targeting erotica writers. This is unfair, and it marks a slippery slope. We don't want credit card companies or financial institutions telling our authors what they can write and what readers can read. Fiction is fantasy. It's not real. It's legal."

It concerns me. What will they target next in erotica?

Gay sex? Threesomes? Sex out of wedlock? Erotica in general?

What do you think about the crackdown?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Questions I've Been Asked Pertaining to Writing & the Candid Answers: Part 1

I've been asked a variety of questions over the years. Some questions been asked multiple times, some are a little odd, some are simple and only people not involved in the publishing business would seek the answer.  So below are some of those questions with simple, detailed and honest answers.

Why don't you write a book about your family or how you grew up?

I get this question mostly from my family or those I grew up with.

Simple answer: 
No one cares about anyone else's lives unless they're celebrities or had a truly unique upbringing.

Detailed answer:
Frankly, I like writing plots from my imagination more. Although I believe my life story may have been a bit dysfunctional and entertaining to some (who doesn't think they're upbringing was dysfunctional?), I also believe some stories are best told to a therapist and not the public. Besides, who are we that anyone would care anyway?

I could write it for the family instead of publishing it for the public. Still a possibility is that the people included in the story won't appreciate how I represent them? This is the sole reason I don't create characters from true life friends and relatives.

Which brings me to …

Why don't you write a book about my life?

Simple answer:
We all have problems, secrets, and crazy things happen to us in our lives. Why are you so special?

Detailed answer:
See detailed answer above.

Why do you write about threesomes and sex?

Simple answer:
I enjoy writing about unconventional sexual relationships.  Also, what adult doesn't enjoy sex, even in fiction?

Detailed answer:  
Threesomes are a hot theme (hot as in spicy and popular) in erotica and erotic romances. There is a huge market for it which means there are lots and lots of people who enjoy reading ménages. It's sexy, fun and a great way to engage in your fantasies without consequences. I can say the same about fictional sex in general. It doesn't matter if I'm writing or reading about it, I'm entertained either way.

Why do you write about Caucasian characters?

I think this question is one that comes from ignorance. Or a person assuming you're supposed to stick to your own kind even creatively.

Simple answer:
My stories are primarily about people, and if those people happen to be diverse so be it. It not required that I write for a specific community even if I'm placed in that group. I write for the communities I choose to write for. And I enjoy being unique, unpredictable and eccentric.

Detailed answer:
The heroes in my stories usually take on physical traits and other characteristics that I'm attracted to. And who they're attracted to works well for that character, even if they're attracted to Caucasians, African Americans, other men, none or all the above.  It's part of why writing what you love works so well for me.

Why do you write about homosexual characters?

See answers to question above.

Later I will post part 2 which delves more into questions I receive about publishing. Are there questions that are not listed above that you would like the candid answer to?