Friday, March 30, 2012

Bittersweet: The Diary of Brandy Morgan

Being an African American senior in high school and a victim of racism for most of her life, Brandy turns to her beloved journal to express her thoughts.
When Brandy develops a crush on Ian, the most attractive boy in school, she decides to befriend him. She then realizes that being friends with Ian isn’t as easy as it once seemed. In Ian’s eyes, being privileged is being well known, handsome, and white, all of which he is. He fears that being friends with Brandy will destroy his reputation. A math quiz starts the beginning of a series of tutoring sessions that brings the two together, but it also starts a series of assaults on Brandy and Ian that are fueled by hate. Brandy’s left to wonder if her written thoughts can help heal her pain, and if fate would allow two teens to fall in love against the odds.

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