Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Kiss and a Handshake (Happy Holiday Shorts)

Alex shows up to a Happy Holiday festival with an invitation in hand from his friend Zak. Too bad Zak is too busy flirting with his female coworker instead of spending the night in Alex's bed. Looking for some real fun, Alex sneaks away to an underground party along with several Stephens and Steven's employees. Once there, he indulges in a sexy game; spend the night with the stranger you lock lips with once the lights go out.

The first hard, rippling body Alex bumps into possesses the first pair of lips he attaches to. To his delight, Tristan is a great kisser. To his dismay, the virgin is not so skilled at heating things up.

Most of the night, Alex tries desperately to stop thinking of what could be with Zak and tries to enjoy the hard body in his arms. Can he succeed this Christmas Eve?

Includes a cameo from Kyla and Mike (Three-way Kisses) and Jasmine (All About a Kiss) from the other two Happy Holiday shorts.

Available at for only $0.99

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