Friday, March 16, 2012

Three-way Kisses (Happy Holiday Shorts)

Kyla and Mike have been anticipating the annual Happy Holiday festival that Stephens & Steven's, the law firm, throws for their employees. But this year the festival seems to be lacking its usual vigor. Bored and in search of some holiday fun, the couple learns of an underground party where the lights are turned off and suddenly it's game on. The game? Blindly roam the dark room, the first person you kiss, or who kisses you, is the person you must spend the rest of the night with in naughty bliss.

A kiss from steamy hunk Bret turns out to be the type of holiday fun Kyla was hoping for, especially when her boyfriend, Mike, ends up lip locked with him too.

But how can Kyla convince Mike to let go of his inhibitions and indulge in a little three-way fun on this Christmas Eve?

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