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Tongue Tied by Leslie Lee Sanders Available for Pre-order!

Tongue Tied
by Leslie Lee Sanders
Available May 18th 2012
Pre-order now from All Romance eBooks
Genre: Erotica
Tags: MM, MFM, Menage, Thressome, Interracial, Short story
Word count: 11,000

Ever since that little finger licking slipup during their "double dating" session, Dorian's tongue has been on Ryan's mind. If only Ryan had the courage to tell his friend what's been nagging at him. Maybe Dorian could help him verbalize what he so desperately wants. Maybe Dorian will give him even more than he asks for. 


“Julie? Julie Johnson?" Dorian shook his blond head and scoffed. "Katelyn was hotter than Julie. Julie didn’t even like to kiss which was—"

“Pretty prude if you ask me."

Dorian chuckled. "I was gonna say weird but prude is probably a better word to describe her."

An awkward silence permeated the room. Ryan wasn’t sure if he should bring up the finger licking incident from the night before or if Dorian was going to mention it and attempt to explain it in some sort of weird excuse.

Dorian glanced down at Ryan’s crotch. Ryan noticed how it took his friend an extra second to look away.

"Man, Katelyn was so sexy last night. When I was inside her, I came almost instantly." Dorian's chuckle was short. "I felt bad that I didn't make her come before I did."

"It happens to the best of us."

"Never happened before." Dorian poked Ryan's chest, grinning. "We usually make the ladies come at least twice before we do. I like for them to leave completely satisfied."

"Yeah, she really had me going." Ryan poured another shot. "That body. That ass!"

"Right." Dorian's eye cut to Ryan's crotch again. "You were definitely into it." The grin on Dorian's face made Ryan wonder. Could Dorian tell that he was hard … for him? "Are you gonna offer me a shot or what?" Dorian hopped down from where he sat on the counter. "Sure looks good."

The flirtatious way those last words slipped from Dorian's lips made Ryan look up just in time to witness Dorian slowly slide his tongue from one corner of his mouth to the other. Ryan gulped, swallowing hard enough for anyone standing as close as Dorian was to hear it. "Yeah, sure." He cleared his throat. "You want lime with that?" he asked as he offered the glass.

“Yep, but no salt." Dorian picked up the wedge of lime from the counter and took the shot glass in hand. "Here we go," he said playfully and winked. He drank the warm liquor and quickly followed it with a bite into the flesh of the lime. He swallowed then laughed as a mixture of lime juice and tequila dripped down his smooth-looking, shaven chin.

How weird would it be to pull Dorian against him and lick the stray juice from his skin? How would Dorian react to that kind of blatant gesture? The way he had looked at his crotch a beat too long, followed it with a "Sure looks good," and a lick of his lips gave Ryan confidence. Suddenly licking the stray juice from his friend's lips and chin might not be so weird after all.

“What?" Dorian asked through his laughter while he wiped the stray juice with the back of his hand. "Why're you looking at me like that?"

“Like what?" Ryan looked away sheepishly. Any confidence vanished. He quickly glanced at his friend's full lips just to look away again. Damn, now he was acting prude.

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