Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Next for my Post-Apocalyptic Series?

In light of a recent epiphany, I've decided to keep complete control of Before the Darkness (my MM post-apocalyptic erotic romance) and the other books of the Refuge Inc. series. In other words, I'm taking the indie-publishing route yet again.

I've indie-published many books with results I'm proud of. And I'm ready to dive in again with my highly anticipated dark series. All the advantages of indie-publishing outweighed the disadvantages in my decision making process.

I enjoy the benefits of:

  • Choosing my cover and cover artist
  • Choosing the release date
  • Choosing the book formats (including print)
  • Choosing the interior layout
  • Choosing what bookstores will offer my book
  • Choosing the book's price
  • Choosing when and if I want to offer discounts or free books
  • Holding all the rights to my book and the series
  • Having instant knowledge and access to sales stats

Yes, I'm a bit anxious and I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but I'm ready.  Soon, we all will witness the introduction of the Refuge Inc. series!
Keep an eye out for some exciting updates.

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