Friday, March 25, 2011

Behind the Story: Three-way Kisses by Leslie Lee Sanders

The idea to write Three-way Kisses came to me during the holidays. I wanted a sweet ménage for my readers, something to say thank you for your interest in my writing. I wanted the character to be relatable and the situation or issue to be believable. Therefore the premise of girl desires sexy fun and boyfriend vowing to stop at nothing to allow her that sexy fun came to life.
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We all have or wish to have that one person in our lives that would do anything to make us and keep us happy. Mike is that person for Kyla.

The story, characters and hot sex must work for the reader because Three-way Kisses has sold hundreds of copies since its debut in November 2010 to this date. It is my top selling read since its release.

I kept my readers in mind while writing Three-way Kisses and I dedicate the complete 3 book Happy Holiday Series to them. Knowing that there are readers out there who appreciate my voice, my writing and my hard work is what keeps me writing.

Favorite character?

My favorite character from Three-way Kisses has got to be the mysterious Bret. I think he’s super sexy enough for both men and women to give in to his advances. He’s so good that he can plant a sexy idea in your head and make you think it was your desire speaking to you.

Favorite quote?

“Don’t ever think you’ve broken us. There’s nothing you can do to keep me from loving you, remember that.” He planted a kiss on the corner of her lips and smiled.

Leslie Lee Sanders

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