Friday, May 27, 2011

Breathless Press Offers Contract!

After an R&R, nonstop days of revising and what felt like a serious attempt to prove myself, (and turning into somewhat of a perfectionist during the process) Breathless Press has accepted my erotic romance, Benefits of Sharing!

Benefits of Sharing is a short erotic romance with an MMF menage theme. The story focuses on Cara who is having a difficult time turning thirty because of her sense of lost youth. Her husband attempts to cheer her up and restore her lost youth by introducing her to young Isaac.

I am so excited to become a part of the Breathless Press family and I look forward to working with my editor to further polish my story.

This is great news!

Leslie Lee Sanders

Friday, May 6, 2011

Judy Mays: Erotic Romance Writer Outed

(Excerpt from Barbara Vey -- May 5th, 2011 link below)

Last week the earth shattering news hit that high school teacher Judy Buranich writes erotica as Judy Mays. Horrors!! An English teacher who writes. It’s almost embarrassing to read the news accounts of the outing. A parent came forward because she felt erotica “is unethical, totally unacceptable. Period. It just sort of sickens and saddens me to know everybody’s sort of looking at this like, hey, this is OK.” I hate to break it to you parent, but erotic is ok. It’s not illegal. Lots of people obviously like it because there’s definitely a market for it. We even do book blurbs on them here. So I contacted author Judy Mays and asked for her side of the story.

Read the rest HERE!