Wednesday, December 28, 2011

30k Words and Counting

I'm making progress! Making progress is something to be excited about, coming from a woman who wears many hats and have the tendency to procrastinate.

I've hit 30k words in my latest WIP Before the Darkness. I have a goal of hitting 50k (and therefore completing the novel) by February 1st 2012. I will do it, no doubt.

Also my new short Tongue Tied will probably be released sometime in February too. Hopefully around Valentine's Day which would be awesome. Now I say probably because with so much writing and revising I have to do, the date of release for Tongue Tied is still uncertain. Tongue Tied is an M/M erotic romance with a few MFM and Interracial scenes (all pivotal to the plot).

Speaking of Tongue Tied, I've seen my first proof of the cover. It is awesome but needs a little tweaking. I can't wait to share the cover with the world. Cover art is amazing! I think all writers love cover art.

Now, enough writing about writing. It's time to actually get some writing done. I got a lot planned for 2012. Time to get on it, huh? J