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Amid the Darkness (Refuge Inc., #2) 

Weeks after an asteroid strikes Earth, hurling Elliot and Adam into a fight for their survival, the two take shelter in an underground compound known as Refuge Inc. Shaking their past seems impossible as it comes back to haunt them, weakening the foundation of their relationship. Elliot, hung up on guilt over his former actions, tries to right his wrongs which leads him face-to-face with the troubling secrets of the compound. Adam's run-in with the enigmatic prophet makes him question Refuge Inc. and the survivors' future.

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Before the Darkness (Refuge Inc., #1)

Surviving an asteroid impact, Elliot and Adam search for reliable shelter and other survivors while distant murky clouds fast approach. Their hunt for shelter leads them down an alternate path when they find spray painted symbols directing them to a mysterious place: Refuge Inc.
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Tongue Tied

Ever since that little finger licking slipup during their "double dating" session, Dorian's tongue has been on Ryan's mind. If only Ryan had the courage to tell his friend what's been nagging at him. Maybe Dorian could help him verbalize what he so desperately wants. Maybe Dorian will give him even more than he asks for.
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Benefits of Sharing

Cara Matthews is about to turn thirty and for her it’s the death of her youth and the beginning of the dull years. Her husband James is aware of her sudden grief and surprises her with something that should take her mind off of aging…young Isaac.

Maybe Isaac could help Cara create her very own wild and crazy experience to share…in more ways than one. And therefore help her transition smoothly from her twenties to her thirties.

Cara is all too eager to finally experience the excitement she's been desperately craving but she's also a little skeptical. Exactly who is Isaac and why is he so eager to please?



A collection of 20 erotic stories with the theme of menage. Featuring the short The Favour by Leslie Lee Sanders from X-cite Books. Edited by Miranda Forbes.

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The Favour

A collection of 5 menage stories edited by Miranda Forbes from X-cite Books. Featuring the MMF erotic short The Favour by Leslie Lee Sanders.

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Three-way Kisses: A Happy Holiday Short

Kyla and Mike are bored at the Happy Holiday party and are in search of fun. The couple crashes an underground party where they blindly roam the dark room, the first person they kiss is the person they must spend the rest of the night with in naughty bliss. A kiss from steamy hunk Bret turns out to be the type of fun Kyla was hoping for, especially when her boyfriend Mike ends up kissing him too.

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All About a Kiss: A Happy Holiday Short

Jasmine attends the Happy Holiday party the office has been raving about, but the party’s a dud. So she crashes a party where the lights are shut off and she must walk the darkened room until she bumps into a stranger worth kissing, once she kisses her stranger she must spend the rest of the night with him. Jasmine’s surprised to be making out with a cutie who calls himself "The Wrangler."
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Kiss and a Handshake: A Happy Holiday Short

Alex attends a Happy Holiday party with an invitation from his friend Zak. Too bad Zak is flirting with his female coworker instead of spending the night in Alex’s bed. Looking for fun, Alex crashes an underground party were he indulges in a sexy game; spend the night with the stranger you lock lips with once the lights go out. Can Alex find a guy to help get his mind off of his best friend Zak?

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Impersonating Sam: Seven Sins Series

Sunni’s angry. Her boyfriend left her for another man. Friends Joseph and Ben suggest they all share a night of sex to help heal her broken heart. With help from Joseph’s novel’s Samantha aka “Sam,” Sunni realizes being someone else might give her the emotional strength she’s been lacking. By taking on another’s persona, could she finally get over her losses and diminish her anger?
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Seeking Amy: Seven Sins Series

Amy is greedy, egotistical and sexy and Kato thinks he can make her happy as his lover even though Bryson has already tried. Amy’s left questioning her true motives as feelings for the boys start to emerge. She’s an exhibitionist obsessed with material things, and two great men want her to be their lover. Can she erase her greedy side? Can making them a trio be enough to satisfy them all?

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TGIF: Our Little Secret

A short erotic read of pure lust by Leslie Lee Sanders. Every Friday night Patricia Schmitt goes on the hunt for the perfect, sexy stranger to bring home and act as voyeur to her and Jonathan’s love making sessions. However, tonight is a special Friday and more than a night of observing is in the cards for Patricia, Jonathan and Trent.

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 Perfect Plan

A short erotic read of revenge. Mimi's husband is cheating on her with a woman he works with. To get even with him, Mimi concocts a plan to seduce Kevin; a young coworker that knows how to please. She plans to crush her husband with the details of her naughty tryst. However, she gets a rude awakening when she finds out Kevin has a perfect plan of his own.

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Three's a Crowd: Revised and Extended Edition

Also a free online erotic series. Updated regularly here.
A novel of an unconventional erotic relationship between college students Brian, Marc and Janice.

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Mature Teen Fiction

Bittersweet: The Diary of Brandy Morgan

Being an African American senior in high school and a victim of racism for most of her life, Brandy turns to her beloved journal to express her thoughts.

When Brandy develops a crush on Ian, the most attractive boy in school, she decides to befriend him. She then realizes that being friends with Ian isn't as easy as it once seemed. In Ian's eyes, being privileged is being well known, handsome, and white, all of which he is. He fears that being friends with Brandy will destroy his reputation.

A math quiz starts the beginning of a series of tutoring sessions that brings the two together, but it also starts a series of assaults on Brandy and Ian that are fueled by hate. Brandy's left to wonder if her written thoughts can help heal her pain, and if fate would allow two teens to fall in love against the odds.
2008 Winner of Teens Read Too
Gold Star Award for Excellence!

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I suggest this book as recommended reading to everyone. If nothing else, it would provide a heated discussion on where our society is headed. - TRT Full Review

The Sky is Falling

What happens when you mix a very traumatic childhood with a very fed up teen looking for a way to cope? You can create a psychopath.

Cassidy was like every other normal teenager, except for a few major things. She was neglected by her mother, ill-treated by her father, alienated by her peers, and had a rather gruesome way of dealing with displacement issues.

Cassidy?s only friends were in her ant farm until she is befriended by a young, eccentric, witty Anna. And a handsome, confident, knowledgeable Jonathan; who initially set out to help her and support her. Cassidy?s trust issues starts to interfere with her friendship, and suddenly her routine way of coping with pain begins to manifest into something much more disturbing and horrid.

Follow Cassidy through her bizarre tunnel of illusions and nightmares, to a place not many people are familiar with . . . The dissociative mind.

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