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Beyond the Darkness: Refuge Inc., Book #3 (M/M, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Erotic Romance)

2000 / 40000 words

Estimated Release Date: 2013

Adam and Elliot wander the collapsed city of Phoenix for days before taking shelter at the nearly-standing Arrowhead hospital. Their days are filled with hopes of rescue and a deep need for emotional and mental closeness, until the harsh reality take over their thoughts—their food and supplies are dwindling, and they are in desperate need of medicine.
Relinquishing their hopes of rescue, they're forced to return to the devastation they narrowly escaped … the hellish compound also known as Refuge Inc.

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Amid the Darkness: Refuge Inc., Book #2 (M/M, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Romance) COMPLETE/Available Now!

45000 / 45000 words

Weeks after an asteroid strikes Earth, hurling Elliot and Adam into a fight for their survival, the two take shelter in an underground compound known as Refuge Inc. Shaking their past seems impossible as it comes back to haunt them, weakening the foundation of their relationship. Elliot, hung up on guilt over his former actions, tries to right his wrongs which leads him face-to-face with the troubling secrets of the compound. Adam's run-in with the enigmatic prophet makes him question Refuge Inc. and the survivors' future.

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Before the Darkness: Refuge Inc., Book #1 (M/M, Post-Apocalyptic, Erotic Romance) COMPLETE/Now Available!

After an asteroid strikes Earth, sending a wall of ash and other debris into the atmosphere, Elliot meets fellow survivor Adam and together they take advantage of the next few hours, learning to appreciate their second chance at life and live it to the fullest.

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Tongue Tied (M/M, MMF, Interracial Erotic Romance) COMPLETE/Now available!

Also, an erotic M/M short Tongue Tied. Ryan is having a difficult time asking for what he wants, especially when what he desires is his best friend Dorian’s tantalizing tongue on his body.