Thursday, June 9, 2011

Connecting the Shorts

I wanted to talk a little about my popular Happy Holiday shorts. Since their release, they have been selling very well and I want to take this moment to thank my readers for their support. (As you already know, I wrote the shorts for you guys to show reader appreciation over the holidays.)

There are a total of three short stories in the series that can be read and enjoyed on their own but are much more fun when you read them all. Yes, you can read the stories in any order. Although I did write Three-way Kisses first, Kiss and a Handshake second and All About a Kiss third.

What makes these stories fun to read together is that they are connected. What connects them?

  • They take place on the same night, Christmas Eve.
  • They take place at the same party, the Happy Holiday festival held by the law firm Stephens and Steven's.
  • Each main character of each individual story hears the same conversation that presents the opportunity to crash the infamous kissing party where the first person you kiss, or who kisses you, is the person you must spend the rest of the night with.
  • In each story you get a different character's point of view of both parties and you even get brief cameos of the characters in the other two stories. Otherwise the stories are totally different.

Three-way Kisses focuses on Kyla and Mike as they are introduced to Bret at the kissing party. It is an MMF ménage erotic romance with a nice little surprise embedded in there. It's more of a romance than the other two since Kyla and Mike have an established, loving relationship.

The others have little twists in them too.

Kiss and a Handshake focuses on Alex as he can't seem to get Zak off of his mind. It is an M/M themed erotic short with a rather fun and witty vibe to the storytelling. Even the title has a "funny" explanation.

All about a kiss is more of an M/F erotic story with themes consisting of interracial, public sex and light bondage. It focuses on Jasmine and her kiss with the Wrangler.
I had a fun experience writing these stories. I hope you have just as much fun reading them. Read one or read them all. There's enough variety for everyone.

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Leslie Lee Sanders